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"Samara consistently delivers compelling vocal performances to match her powerful presence on stage."

"Drawing on her classical background, Samara brings both technical skills and artistry to her song-writing."

Worship has been a part of Samara's life since she was a child. Samara grew up in small-town Iowa, in a community and family that nurtured her love of music and her faith in God. After years of participating in local church and music programs, Samara began to study classical voice and earned a degree in music from Northwestern University. It was there that she began to sense God's direction to write songs.

After losing her dad to cancer, Samara eventually got to a place where she could no longer sing. In that difficult season, God taught Samara to start releasing things to him - people, plans, hopes and dreams - and she began to write songs out of those dark years and God's healing touch in her life.

Now an accomplished songwriter, Samara has found her voice once again. She released her first three singles in 2016 (One, Mighty and Found) followed by her initial EP in 2017, Guarded by God. During a global pandemic in 2020, she recorded her first studio album, releasing two initial singles that same year. Her first full-length album, Prisoner of Hope, released in 2021, marking the five year anniversary of yet another difficult season during which she lost eight family members and friends in a two year period. 

She is currently in studio for a holiday single release coming in 2021 with a full-length holiday album planned for 2022 and additional projects to follow. She is based in Trilith, Georgia, by way of Iowa, Chicago, Vienna, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., where she spends her non-studio time with her husband, Andy, and their english bulldog, Hattie.


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